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August 2013

Looking after your property this Winter
By Bernie Tynes

12/08/2013 12:00am


As winter is upon us, we thought we’d update you with some helpful and handy hints to battle any condensation and mould growth that you may incur over the coming months.

There are several common causes of mould in homes such as humidity, leaking pipes, leaks in the roof and poor ventilation. In winter, condensation is the most common cause of mould growth.

Simple day to day activities like showering and cooking forms warm moist air and can cause mould growth. When the warm moist air from other parts of the apartment comes in contact with the cold exterior walls, a small portion of the moisture tends to condense on the wall. This warm moist air may also contain mould spores, which will settle on the condensation on the surface of the wall, and will result in mould growth.

There are a number of things you can do to control mould including:

  • Opening windows and doors, and allow sunlight into the home whenever possible.
  • Use indoor heaters and wipe down any surface on which condensation appears in order to remove moisture from the air
  • Keep room vents clean
  • If mould growth appears, remove it with diluted household bleach or a suitable household cleaner

We hope this helps with any issues you may have over winter.