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Online Rental and Tenancy Application Form

apply for your rental home quickly and efficiently

Note: fields marked with a * are required to submit this form.

Before filling out this form, click here to generate an e-signature for yourself and your witness which you will need to save to your device for use in this form. If using a touch device, after creating a signature you can save it by pressing and holding on the image to open the save menu. Otherwise, just right click on the image and save it to your desktop for use in the form.


A. Rental Property Address

Preferred Lease Term

Preferred Commencement Date*

Number of other applicants to occupy the property (Please complete one application form per person to be listed on the lease)

Preferred Rental Payment Options


B. Personal Details

Identification (please attach photocopies of identification, see section H)


C. Emergency Contact

Please provide an emergency contact not residing with you


D. Applicant History

Current address


E. Employment

Current Employer (Please attach 2 most recent payslips to this application, see section H)

Length of employment:

Annual net salary

If self employed

Please complete if student


F. References

Professional references

Personal references


G. Please Provide Us With Identification


H. Declaration

I acknowledge that this is an application to lease this property and that my application is subject to the owner’s approval and the availability of the premises on the due date. I hereby offer to rent the property from the owner under a lease to be prepared by the Agent pursuant to the Residential Tenancies Act 2010.

I acknowledge that I will be required to pay rental in advance and a rental bond, and that this application is subject to approval from the owner/landlord. I declare that all information contained in this application is true and correct and given of my own free will. I declare that I h ave inspected the premises and am not bankrupt.

I authorise the Agent to obtain details of my credit worthiness from, the owner or Agent of my current or previous residence, my personal referees, any record, listing and National Tenancy Database (NTD) which lists defaults by tenants. If I default under a rental agreement, the Agent may disclose details of any such default to any person whom the Agent reasonably considers has an interest receiving such information including National Tenancy Database (NTD).

If a landlord or estate agent finds details of a prospective tenant on a database, they must advise the tenant in writing, within seven days, of:

  • the name of the database and the person who listed the information
  • the tenant’s information held in the database
  • how the tenant can check, change or remove the listing (ie, by contacting the person who listed them or the database operator).

I. Utility Connections

Moving home has never been easier. Direct Connect is dedicated to helping you move home more easily. We can connect your utilities including electricity, gas, phone, internet and pay TV to a broad choice of leading providers.

What’s more, you pay no extra charges as a result of using the Direct Connect service. We will make all reasonable efforts to contact you within 1 working day of receiving this application to explain the details of the services offered. If we are unable to contact you within this period please call 1300 664 715 to ensure your services can be addressed by the required date.

DECLARATION AND EXECUTION/PRIVACY NOTICE : By signing this application and ticking the ‘YES’ box below, I: consent to the collection of my personal information by Direct Connect Australia Pty Ltd (ACN 110 316 973) (“Direct Connect”) for the purposes of contacting me to talk about arranging the connection and disconnection of moving and utility services and related services and to inform me about other products and services that may compliment my home/lifestyle needs; consent to the disclosure by Direct Connect of my personal information contained in this application to other parties, including the relevant third party service providers, Direct Connects related companies and third parties who provide Direct Connect with services in connection with the ordinary operation and administration of Direct Connect’s business or where otherwise required or authorised by law; understand that protecting my privacy is important to Direct Connect and that I can obtain further details about how Direct Connect manages my personal information, including how I may access and seek correction of my personal information, how I may complain about a breach of my privacy and how Direct Connect will deal with that complaint, by viewing Direct Connect’s Privacy Policy at www.directconnect.com.au or contacting their Privacy Officer at info@directconnect.com.au; understand that whilst Direct Connect is unlikely to disclose my personal information to recipients located overseas, Direct Connect is not responsible for the privacy practices of any third party service providers, and accordingly, I accept that it is my responsibility to check the privacy policies of the relevant service providers if I wish to obtain further information about how they manage personal information (including whether or not they are likely to disclose such information to overseas recipients); understand that my consent to receive such marketing materials will continue until I opt-out by contacting info@directconnect.com.au; understand that the connection and disconnection of moving and utility services and related services (collectively referred to as “the nominated services”) will only be initiated once a Direct Connect representative has discussed the details with me and obtained my consent to the terms and conditions of supply of the relevant service providers; acknowledge that, to the extent permitted by law, neither Direct Connect nor my real estate agent accepts liability for loss caused by delay in, or failure to, connect and disconnect or provide the nominated services; acknowledge that the nominated services will be provided according to the applicable regulations and that the time frames and terms and conditions of the nominated service providers bind me and that after hours connections may incur additional service fees from utility providers; authorise the obtaining of a National Metering Identifier or a Metering Installation Registration Number for my residential address to obtain supply details; understand that it is the responsibility of the customer/homeowner to ensure that the electricity main switch is in the 'Off Position' for the required timeframe on the day of connection of the nominated utility services and that there is easy access to the meters; understand that Direct Connect may be paid a fee by the service provider and may pay a fee to a real estate agent in respect of the provision of the services provided to me by Direct Connect. By signing this application form, I warrant that I am authorised to make this application and to provide the consents, acknowledgements and other undertakings set out in this application form on behalf of all applicants listed on this application form. Where I have nominated an alternative contact person on this application, I authorise Direct Connect to speak to them about my move and connection and disconnection needs if Direct Connect is unable to contact me directly.
PO Box 1519, Box Hill, Victoria 3128

J. Tenancy Privacy Statement

Your application for tenancy cannot be accepted unless this has been completed in full and signed. Please take the time to read this Privacy Statement carefully, and once completed return it to this office with your Tenancy Application. As professional Property Managers, “Infinity Property Agents” collects all personal information about you. To ascertain what personal information we have about you, you can contact us in the following ways:

Phone: 02 9699 9179
Email: rent@infinityproperty.com.au
In person Suite 38, 112-122 McEvoy Street, Alexandria NSW

We collect your personal information to assess the risk in providing you with the lease/tenancy of the premises you have requested, and if the risk is considered acceptable, then we provide you with the lease/tenancy of the premises. To carry out this role, and during the term of your tenancy, we usually disclose your personal information to the following:

The landlord, the landlord’s lawyers – in the case of commercial leases for their preparation, the landlord’s mortgagee – for mortgage purposes, referees you have nominated, organisation/tradespeople required to carry out maintenance to the premises, rental bond authorities, Residential Tribunal/Courts, collection agencies, National Tenancies Database Pty Ltd, other Real Estate Agents and Landlords, utilities companies such as gas, electricity, water and telephone connection, banks – for rental payment facilities and financial records, employers – for reference purposes and to be included on our database.

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Rental and Tenancy Application Form

apply for your rental home quickly and efficiently

Please read the following steps carefully to apply for the rental property you're interested in:

Step 1: Download the rental application document
Step 2: Fill out your information AFTER you have downloaded
Step 3: Print and sign the application form
Step 4: Email your application to rent@infinityproperty.com.au with followings documents;

  • Bank statement showing the past three (3) month period
  • Pay slips - recent two (2) payslips
  • Rental ledger from current agent
  • Reference letter from current agent or landlord
  • Driver’s license or Passport

Please note: that the application above is in PDF Format. If you do not already have the free Acrobat Reader application installed on your computer, you will first need to download it before viewing this Tenancy Application.