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Tips for selling your home or property in Sydney

5 Tips for selling your home or property

number 1 Presentation - The first impression of your property will secure or kill the sale of your property. Your property must be immaculately presented before any inspection in order to achieve top price. Some agents will offer professional stylists as part of their package to market your property so ask your local agent about this as a stylists can help add significant value to your property.

number 2 Make sure your agent is investing in marketing and using the most efficient channels. It’s impossible to get the best outcome if you don’t find every possible buyer in the market. These days around 90% of all buyer enquiries come from the internet ie google, real estate websites, email, social media. In addition to this, only 35% of buyers look beyond the first page of property search results so make sure that your property is being seen online.

number 3 Be realistic about price - today’s buyers are very educated in regards to what a property’s value is so make sure that you are realistic about your listing price. If you set the price too high to begin with, you will deter potential buyers and waste time and marketing expenses. Make sure you get your property professionally appraised by a local real estate agent.

number 4 Make sure all property inclusions are in working order - ie dishwasher, cooktop, oven, range hood, air conditioner, dryer and security garage. When an agent conducts an inspection, most buyers expect all inclusions in the property to be in working order so be proactive. If you are going to fix something then do it before selling. If not disclose this information to the agent to avoid any issues during negotiation.

number 5 Settlement - Make sure you are ready to discharge the mortgage. This is a common issue that many vendors face when selling their property and may delay the settlement. Once your exchange the contract, speak to your lender to request discharge of the mortgage. The more time you give a lender, the better as they will work for you within your time frame.

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