5 Tips for Tenant when renting

  1. Get organized – Property managers prefer to deal with a tenant who is organized about paperwork.

  2. Choose an area that you would like to live in that is ideally close to work, schools or universities, parks or beaches and fits in with your current lifestyle. Then when the right property becomes available you will be able to make a decision on the spot.

  3. Be upfront with your agent about any additional requirements ie pets, number of residents, lease commencement date etc. This will make for a smoother process when leasing the property.

  4. Have your deposit ready – Make sure you have at least one week’s deposit ready when making a rental application. If you have this ready when you inspect and apply for a property, this may help you get the property over some else applying. 

  5. Once your rental application has been approved, make sure you return the condition report to the property manager within 7 days. If you don’t return the condition report within this time frame, you may have trouble with the agent when you vacate the property and this could be a very expensive mistake.



Q: How do I pay you rent?

A: Please pay us by Internet banking and please make sure that you use the reference number otherwise we will not be able to recognise your payment.


Q: Rental Payment: How can I make sure I’m never in arrears?

A: Pay your rent 3 working days prior to the lease anniversary date/day.  Ensure this works with your pay day cycle.


Q: Do I need to complete the Incoming Condition Report?

A: Yes. The report must be signed and returned to our office by post, email or hand delivered within 7 days from key collection date.


Q: How to connect utility connection, i.e. telephone, internet?

A: You need to contact the Strata agent to gain access of MDF.



Q: Our portal system: How can I check my rental ledger 24/7?

A: From the Infinity website www.infinityproperty.com.au, visit our Resources Link > Useful Links > Tenant Login. If you don’t know your login details, enter the email address used in your application.


Q: Maintenance Issues: How do I report a maintenance issue?

A: Visit the Infinity website > Renting > Maintenance Request and complete your details or call us on 9699 9179.


Q: What if I lose the set of keys or swipe cards provided at the beginning of the tenancy?

A: You must inform us in writing as well as make full payment of the replacement set and any other fees involved, such as delivery fees from locksmiths or strata agent and our administration fee for this is $55.00


Q: What if I requested repairs and found out that there was no repair required by the tradespeople?

A: In this case, you are liable for the cost of any service call charges levied by the tradespeople.



Q: How do I renew my lease?

A: We will contact you one month prior to your lease expiry date to renew your lease.


Q: Do I need to renew the lease?

A: Should you wish to stay at the property, you will be required to renew the lease prior to the lease expiry date.


Q: What if I do not pay rent on time?

A: If you do not pay rent on time regularly, then we will not renew the lease. Therefore, you will be

required to vacate the property.


Q: Vacating your home: What do I need to do if I intend to leave?

A: Provide a minimum of 14 days written notice prior to the lease expiry date.


Q: End of Lease Cleaning:  Can I organise a cleaner for my home when I leave?

A: Yes.


Q: Final Inspection: Do I need to attend the final inspection?

A: We highly recommend that you attend the final inspection to avoid any dispute with your agent.


Q: Bond Lodgement: How soon will you lodge my bond claim?

A: We aim to lodge your bond refund with Fair trading within 7 working days after final inspection.


Q: Bond Refund: How long will it take to get my bond back?

A: Fair Trading take between 5 & 7 working days after bond lodgement and it will be paid to your bank account.

More questions? Call our leasing team on 9699 9179.